Photo by Devona Meske- Grandkids playing in the Frog Pond

Advertising in Bottom Line News & Views not only makes sense because of our large—and growing—readership, it is the most affordable newspaper in our two county (Ashland & Bayfield) coverage area, which saves you dollars and cents. Currently, 7,500 copies are being printed each month, and distributed FREE of charge at over 185 outlets throughout the area. We anticipate this number to continue growing.

There is not, however, an unlimited amount of advertising space available due to our self-imposed limits of 60% advertising, and 40% local news and features. Even though we are fully funded by advertising revenue, we are, after all, a newspaper.

Size                                Billed Rate*                            Dimensions

Sixteenth Page                $48                             2" tall x 4.7" wide

Eighth Page                    $68                             3 7/8" tall x 4.7" wide

Quarter Page                  $113                           8" tall x 4.7" wide

Half Page Tall                $203                            8" tall x 9.7" wide

Half Page Wide              $203                           20" tall x 4.7" wide

Full Page                        $403                           20" tall x 9.7" wide

Full Color: Add $65 to ad cost

*Rates maybe subject to change