Homes of the North Woods 2019 Ashland County Fair

Prentice Park, Ashland WI. Photo by Dana Wiezorek


Welcome to the website of Bottom Line News & Views, a free monthly newspaper serving Northern Wisconsin!

When Alan Ralph launched this newspaper in May, 2010, the first issue had 12 black and white pages, and was supported by 22 advertisers who took a chance on him.  3,000 copies were printed and hand-delivered to nearly one hundred area stores, C-stations, motels, restaurants, libraries, and other locations where they could be easily found and picked up by interested readers.

January of 2016 the paper was purchased by myself, now our typical issue of Bottom Line News & Views contains 40 to 48 pages, 18 of which are in full color. The number of advertisers often reaches 150 each month, and 7,500 copies are now being printed and distributed to over 185 public outlets throughout Bayfield and Ashland counties. 

As a result of our growing readership and advertising base, and because we’re often running out of papers earlier and earlier each month, we made the decision to establish this website for the convenience of all involved. Like the newspaper itself, access to the complete newspaper on this website is FREE of charge. Please enjoy it and spread the word!

Finally, please understand that there will be no bells and whistles on this website, just free and full access to a locally-owned, small town newspaper that focuses exclusively on LOCAL news and low cost advertising.

Thank you for your interest and support as our journey continues.

Devona Meske, Publisher




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